Torn Ear Lobe Repair
Torn or stretched out earlobes are one of the most common problems affecting people with pierced ears. Ear piercing holes may simply become too large over time; or the hole may tear resulting in a partial or full split in the ear lobe or multiple tears.

What is a torn earlobe repair?
An earlobe repair is performed with local anesthesia in a sterile environment to prevent infection. The tear or gauged area is excised to remove any scar tissue that may slow down the healing process. It is closed with a non-absorbable suture that would be removed within a week.

What can I expect after the procedure?
After the local anesthesia wears off you may feel a slight discomfort lasting a day or two. You may have little to no bleeding from the incision area which is normal. You may shower after the first 24 hours, then apply ointment daily and cover with a Band Aid for the first week. You may return to normal activities following the procedure but no exercising or swimming while the sutures are in place. The sutures will be removed in seven days and then you may resume exercising.

Can I repierce the earlobe after it is repaired?

For a torn or stretched out earlobe, repiercing is allowed after 90 days, to allow the scar tissue to remodel enough to avoid recurrence.
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