Scabies are microscopic mites that burrow under the skin causing a very itchy and infectious skin condition. People living in close proximity such as students, soldiers, or nursing home residents are especially at risk. Treatment is a topical medication to kill the scabies mites and anti-itch medications for symptom relief. Even after scabies mites have been killed, a person can continue to itch for several weeks due to the immune system hypersensitivity that is caused by the scabies. The medication most commonly used to kill the mites is called Elimite (or permethrin cream). The medication is applied from the neck to the bottom of the feet.  It is left on for 10-14 hours overnight and then washed off in the morning shower. This treatment is then repeated in one week.
Hygiene measures at home:
• All family members and close contacts should be treated
• Wash all clothing, towels, and bed linens in hot water
• Use the dryer with high heat setting
• Dry-clean items you can't wash at home
• Consider placing items you can't wash in a sealed plastic bag and leaving it unopened for 1 week.
• Cut your nails and clean under them thoroughly to remove any mites or eggs that may be present.
• Vacuum rugs, furniture and bedding; discard the vacuum cleaner bag when finished.
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