The primary skin lesion in acne is the comedo, a pore that becomes blocked by too much oil, or sebum, that is being secreted by that pore's oil gland.  The sebum mixes with dead skin that normally sheds out the pore to form a plug.  Beneath this blockage, bacteria known as Propionibacterium acnes begin to proliferate.  Under such conditions, the pore becomes inflamed and swollen resulting in red bumps and white heads.  Hormones drive sebum production which explains why so many teens suffer with acne, as do women later in life, known as adult-onset acne.  We utilize many great acne treatments in combination: our primary goal is to calm the inflammation, decrease oil gland production, kill bacteria, and unclog plugged up pores.  Tiny injections of cortisone into inflamed lesions can stop the inflammation quickly to speed resolution and prevent scarring or lasting discoloration of the skin.  During acne facials performed by our trained medical assistants, closed comedones (skin-colored bumps that represent plugged pores) are extracted before they develop into large inflamed bumps.  Multiple topical and oral medications are available to effectively treat every kind of acne.  In addition, chemical peels and certain light or laser devices can be of further help in treating acne as well as its scarring or discoloration. 

Acne Treatment Instructions

Spironolactone Therapy for Acne

How to use topical Retinoid Medication

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